Data breaches are on the rise and many businesses may be at risk. There are things small businesses can do to implement security measures ahead of time. If you suspect an attack has occurred, avoid doing these three things!

Don’t Panic

When you realize your system has been compromised, it is important to stay calm. If you have an IT team, reach out to them immediately to have them address the problem. Information will need to be reviewed to determine how the attack took place, what to do, and how to prevent future issues.

Don’t Wait

If you do not respond in a timely manner, you continue leaving your business at risk. Having a protocol and team in place is the best way to protect your business.  It will enable you to quickly identify which systems are compromised, which IP addresses were used, and what type of attack occurred.

Act quickly to quarantine the systems that are infected so you can keep it from spreading. Preventing the malware from spreading is improved by responding quickly to the attack. A good IT support team will be able to check for backdoors which allow hackers alternative ways to get into your system.

Don’t Avoid the Issue

Some business owners are embarrassed and frustrated when they have to address issues about a cyber attack. Do not avoid the issue. Address it before rumors start and the issue worsens. Do not make false and misleading statements to your employees, stockholders, and customers about the attack. Addressing the issue and informing them how you are handling it should be your first step.

If you need help dealing with a cyber attack, or would like to implement steps to prevent one, contact Five 9’s Communications immediately. We provide a number of services to assist with cyber attacks including data backups and managed IT services.