Cell phone signal boosters are commonly used to reduce dropped calls. Passive distributed antenna systems (DAS) are the most common cell phone signal booster tools used to reduce slow data speeds.

One benefit to DAS solutions is their ability to work with any cell phone carrier, allowing everyone to have access to improved cell phone performance. Businesses rely on cell phones to stay connected with employees and customers. Here are some tips to help fix cell phone reception problems for your employees. 

Try Directional Antennas 

Directional antennas are designed to capture carrier signals being drowned out from cell towers. What this means is the antenna will be pointed directly at the tower, allowing for stronger signal strength.

If there are competing cell towers, directional antennas will not work. You can fix this problem by connecting a filter from the amplifier and the outside antenna. Using a filter will help to reduce problems with various carriers and improve signals for all cell phone brands.

Use WiFi Calling

One option is to make sure employees connect their cell phones into the company WiFi system to have better connectivity when calling. WiFi doesn’t improve the signal, it makes it easier to maintain clear connections when using the phone. 

Use a Second System (I’m not sure what this means?  2nd system?)

A signal booster is a great way to help connectivity issues, but a second system is another option. Directional antennas and filters cover all carriers and prevent the common near-far connection issues. 

Additional Tips to Improve Cell Phone Reception

While the above fixes can assist in cell phone signal improvement, we do have other recommendations that make a difference. Consider implementing some of the following to see an increase in cell phone reception:

  • Always keep your phone software up-to-date. Updates are designed to tell the cell phone which tower they need to connect to as well as providing protection against security threats. 
  • Turn cell phones on and off airplane mode, causing your phone to reconnect to the cellular network. 
  • Reset network settings. If the phone struggles to connect, it might be a good idea to consider resetting the network settings to help the phone work in your location. 
  • Walk upstairs to make phone calls. Signals are better on higher floors and in areas with limited obstructions. In addition to going upstairs, windows always have a cleaner signal than walls as there are fewer obstructions for signals to go through. 

Cell phone reception problems are common in office buildings.  We have solutions. If you are struggling with communication issues, contact Five 9’s Communications. Our experts can assist in providing communication solutions to improve your business connectivity.