Access control systems are designed to help businesses manage what is happening on the property. With modern access control systems, business owners can manage who has access to your facility without needing to be on the property. Improving security and enhancing safety is critical in today’s modern business environment and access control solutions are here to secure your assets and protect your staff. Here are six reasons why we recommend using an access control system. 

Manage Employee Security 

Five 9’s Communications can assist in protecting your business with our customized access control systems. With an access control system, you will have records of people accessing the building and have the ability to deny access to individuals without proper authorization. Owners can see the time employees arrive and concerns related to theft or property damage. 

Reduce Lost Key Costs 

With access control, business owners have remote access, allowing them to lock doors and reduce the need to rekey a building if there is a problem with a lost key or disgruntled former employee.

Limit Access to Secured Areas

If you have a building with areas that should be restricted to specific employees, access control will allow you to close off those areas and protect important company information and equipment. 

Meet Compliance Requirements

Several businesses must comply with HIPAA regulations, which require annual audits and reporting. Access control systems will give you the ability to generate reports, which can provide an audit trail of business activities. In the event of an audit, having access to this information is essential to protect your business against penalties and fines. 

Multiple Location Security

Do you own multiple properties? If so, keeping each property secured can be challenging. Access control makes it easy to manage multiple properties easily. Using cloud platforms, you can automatically add new hires, provide location access, schedule door locks, and more. Access control makes it easier for businesses to streamline their business, allowing you to get back to what you do best, running your business!

Reduce Utility Costs

Utilizing modern access control systems provides businesses with the ability to integrate the tools with other management systems to update settings such as shutting off lights to rooms that are not occupied. Simple changes to the HVAC schedule can reduce costs for businesses and reduce unnecessary heating or cooling in areas that are not occupied. 
To find out more information about access control systems, or to schedule a consultation with one of our security specialists, contact Five 9’s Communications today, 801-917-6659!