Access Control Solutions

Protect your business with an access control system designed to provide or revoke user access to the building. All businesses need to protect their employees, assets, and data. With cloud-based and on-site access control systems, you are in full control of physical access to your building. This reduces the risk of theft and other potential threats. 


Protecting Employees and Assets 

When an access control system is installed, businesses will control all the building doors with an automatic lock system. Anyone without proper access will not be allowed to access the building or particular areas of it. Access control systems provide greater flexibility to property owners, allowing access to employees based on schedule and designated access rights. You even have the ability to provide access remotely to the building for employees that forget their keycard or PIN. 

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  • Remotely manage processes to revoke or allow user access.
  • Cost-effective with an annual cloud-access subscription
  • Secure, convenient, flexible management system
  • Ideal for businesses who prefer not to install or manage server equipment
Ogden UT Access Control System Five 9's Communications


  • Easy-to-scale systems providing maximum security
  • Integration with CCTV and other security systems
  • Track access events and manage users from a single app 
  • Ideal for businesses who prefer to own equipment rather than pay subscription fees 


  • Traditional access control systems have higher costs upfront to purchase server and hardware
  • Traditional access control systems make it difficult to change security vendors
  • On-site servers require specialists to perform maintenance work and emergency updates
  • Cloud-based security reduces costs, increases flexibility and scalability 
  • Cloud-based solutions do not have limits on the number of doors and users that can be added to the system
  • Cloud-based solutions will integrate with existing security solutions

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Why Choose Us?

Keep your business safe and secure with Five 9’s Access Control Solutions:

  • Secure – Control who has access to your business. 
  • Cost-Savings – No need for expensive key replacement
  • Internal and External Doors– Restrict access on a door-by-door basis, providing flexibility to property management.
  • Multiple User Credentials– Choose between cards, fobs, or Bluetooth credentials to best suit your employee requirements

Contact our team to learn more about access control and find the right one to meet your business needs.

Ease of Access for Staff

Reduce Security Risks

Access Reporting and Tracking

Safe, Secure Work Environment

Competitive Pricing