There are so many technology solutions available for business owners that it can become confusing to determine what your business needs, and what  It doesn’t. In many situations, companies avoid new technology due to cost, implementation problems, and employee adoption.

To find solutions that will enhance your company, make a list of problems you are currently facing. Here are some common things to consider as you review new technology such as security camera systems, new phone systems, cloud computing, and more. 

Focus on the Customer Experience

Always look at new technology from the perspective of your customer. What are they seeking? What complaints do they have when they call your business?

How can you enhance the overall user experience to increase sales, improve productivity, and strengthen your business? Modern cloud-based technology solutions are designed to meet growing customer demands and scalable to meet business needs. 

Remote Workforce Software 

Remote work is one of the most common needs for businesses today. If we have learned anything from the 2020 COVID crisis, it is the need to have a remote workforce solution in place.

Utilize apps that allow employees to collaborate and communicate with one another.,There are various solutions on the market.  We recommend using StarLeaf. StarLeaf provides video conferencing equipment and software to allow collaboration for businesses. 

Anti-virus Solutions

If you don’t have an anti-virus solution in place now, your business is vulnerable. Network security is vital to protect against malicious content and individuals attempting to access valuable data. Five 9’s Communications provides solutions that constantly monitor our client’s networks as well as state-of-the-art firewall solutions to protect your business. 

When it comes to customers and employee information, having modern security measures is one of the largest priorities. Five 9’s Communications provides regular system updates to ensure platforms are running smoothly and all information is secured and backed up with our secured server. 

Managed IT Services 

Is your business frustrated with technology problems? Do you have an internal IT support team? Managed IT services will reduce organizational challenges for businesses in need of assistance. We provide data recovery, backup services, and 24/7 monitoring. IT services will:

  • Improve operation efficiency 
  • Reduce overhead and operational expenses 
  • Provide affordable pricing for enterprise-grade support
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase employee productivity by allowing you to focus on what you do best
  • Provide 24/7 support, offering greater peace of mind

Contact Five 9’s Communications today to discuss our business technology solutions and find out how we can help improve your business and contribute to your bottom line.