Keeping Your Business Protected

Disasters happen…That is beyond your control, but that does not mean your business has to stop if you are prepared. Having a disaster recovery plan for your data could make the difference between losing everything or just dealing with a temporary hiccup.

Don’t Risk Your Business By Being Unprepared

Improved Productivity

  • Offsite data storage will minimize your business downtime in the event of a data loss on site.
  • Minimize downtime with faster restore times to a new server.

Increased Awareness

  • Offsite replication is constantly monitored so you are alerted if there is ever a problem.
  • Web-Based console and dashboard for visibility of your offsite data.

Managed Backup Services

Reduced Costs

  • Get rid of expensive and unreliable tapes.
  • Faster recovery costs your organization less.

Increased Confidence

  • Data Backup is offsite and automatic which means you don’t have to spend time thinking about it
  • Your data is stored in our secure NOC and managed by experts