managed IT Services Five 9’s provides managed IT services to reduce organizational challenges for companies needing assistance managing their information technology infrastructure. Our managed IT services help to reduce costs while providing complete monitoring, data recovery, and backup services. Five 9’s Communication provides a variety of features and is a trusted advisor to our clients in need of cost-effective, innovative IT services.

What do we Provide?

Our network team provides 24/7 monitoring services to ensure our clients systems remain secure. Everything on your network will have continual monitoring and we will know about any problems before alerts are sent out. Each alert we receive will be addressed and we focus on ensuring that your system is safe and secure, preventing every alert becoming a “major” emergency as it was in previous times.

Why do you need IT Services?

We often hear this question as companies aren’t sure what managed IT services provide and why they need it. The truth is all companies need to have IT services as it allows them to stay updated with backups, patched and security, and other necessary items that must be monitored to prevent a serious threat to the company. Small to mid-sized businesses often forego some of these small issues, leaving their organization open to security threats. If your system is attacked and your client’s personal information is compromised, it will negatively impact your business. Not only will the organization face a serious public relations problem, there are concerns with productivity and revenue losses. Here are six key reasons why you need IT services:

  1. Improve operation efficiency
  2. Reduce operational expenses
  3. Enterprise level support for an affordable rate
  4. Reduced downtime
  5. Allows employees to focus on their jobs not on a “quick fix” problem
  6. Peace of mind – You have 24/7 monitoring support

Managed Services vs. Break-fix Options

When you implement a managed services program instead of adopting a break-fix mentality, your organization will be ahead of the game when it comes to securing your companies critical information. A managed service focus will prevent issues such as a network failure that could leave your company in a precarious situation. Our goal is to prevent issues so your organization will be able to continue running day-to-day operations as planned.

The cost of Managed IT Services

One of the greatest aspects of managed IT services is the cost. When you are in the business of preventing serious risks, it does keep the costs lower than trying to repair a problem with your system after it has been compromised. At Five 9’s Communication, we are able to provide a better, more reliable service without charging more.

If you are ready to discover the bottlenecks that prevent your network from running at its best, contact Five 9’s Communication today. We understand your IT infrastructure is critical to the success of your business. Contact us today for your network analysis and determine what you can do to improve your networks performance today.