Small business communications solution

Five 9’s Communications

NEC Univerge SV9300

Ideal phone solution for smaller-sized companies

Gain access to feature-rich collaboration and communications applications from a single, easy to configure and manage communications platform. Highly reliable voice, video and collaborative solutions to help your team get the job done!


One of the easiest unifed-communications-capable systems on the market. Simple integration with IT infrastructure. 

  • User friendly interface to streamline system management and maintenance. 
  • Simple and flexible deployment with up to 1,500 IP extensions per system. 
  • Mobility apps to help improve workforce communications and requirements. 
  • Simplified user licensing or ease of use or budgeting.
  • Support from a trusted name brand in communication solutions.

The NEC SV9300, a customizable solution to enhance employee productivity and communications

Heightened control over call management with smartphone integration with easy cellular neteork and Wi-Fi collaboration.


Why Choose The SV9300

The SV9300 wireless DECT phones allow employees to break the teather to their desk and respond to requests on-the-go.

Feature-rich handsets to provide on-premises availability to easily reach employees.

Effective call management with smartphone collaboration. Help your mobile employees and traveling employees stay in touch. 

Enhanced mobile presence with instant messaging, video collaboration, virtual whiteboarding, all with a intuitive interface.

Efficient and effective communications with workplace applications to improve productivity. 

Advanced Call Management

Powerful Communication Solution

Up to 1,536 IP Extensions

Intuitive & Interactive Design

Scalability and Remote Working

SIP and ISDN Technology