Mitel IP420

Recommended for General Office Use

Five 9’s Communications

Mitel IP420

General Office Phone 

The Mitel IP420 phone features an easy-to-read, high-contrast display and 6 feature keys including transfer, conference, hold, redial/history, and voicemail. Unlimited system/alphanumeric lookup, and storage are provided.

Mitel 420

  • 130×28 pixels, backlit display
  • Half duplex speakerphone
  • Audio Controls
  • LED Indicator
  • SIP Protocol
  • VLAN, DiffServ/ToS
  • Built-in 10/100 Ethernet Switch


Why Choose The Mitel 420

The perfect handset for general office needs. Recommended for receptionists and executive assistants.

Designed for easy-reading with high contrast 130×28 pixeled backlit screen.


130x28 pixels, backlit display

LED Indicator

Half Duplex Speakerphone

Audio Controls

SIP Protocol