What are Managed IT Services?


What we Provide

Our network team provides 24/7 monitoring services, to ensure our clients systems remain secure. Everything on your network will have continual monitoring and we will know about any problems before alerts are sent out. Each alert we receive will be addressed and we focus on ensuring that your system is safe and secure.

Why do you need IT Services?

Here are six key reasons why you need IT services:

  1. Improve operation efficiency
  2. Reduce operational expenses
  3. Enterprise grade support for an affordable rate
  4. Reduced downtime
  5. Allow employees to focus on their jobs not on a “quick fix” problem
  6. Peace of mind – You have 24/7 monitoring support

Managed Services vs. Break-fix Options

When you implement a Managed Services solution instead of adopting a break-fix mentality, your organization will be ahead of the game when it comes to securing your companies critical information. Managed Services focus on preventing issues. Being proactive with Managed Services is a much better solution than a Reactive approach like Break-fix.

We will provide a free Network Assessment with an inquiry on our Managed Services.

Already have IT Personnel? We can help supplement with our Managed Services.



Choose Us

Here are the reasons why Managed IT Services, are important and how we can help:

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – Data backup and disaster recovery solutions designed to maintain your businesses’ critical elements, despite a serious threat or diaster that might have caused interruption.
  • Fully managed IT Services – Managed IT Services, help you plan ahead for upgrades within the organization. We proactively moniter systems and offer ongoing support for antivirus protection and reduce downtime risks.
  • Remote Monitoring and Management – We provide a variety of services and tools to: Manage, Monitor, and Deploy solutions to manage endpoint systems and servers.

Five 9’s Communications has the tools, technicans, service and support team needed, to help your organization increase productivity, reduce downtime, and improve your bottom line. 

Reduced Risk

Lower Costs Than In-House IT

Virtual IT Department

Security Expertise

PCI Compliance

Mitigate Risk