Single Mode

Single mode fiber cabling has a small diametral code that allows one mode of light to propagate. The number of light reflections will decrease as light passes through the core, which reduces the ability for the signal to travel quickly. Single mode fiber optic cable is typically used for long distance, higher bandwidth runs. We often use single mode fiber cabling in large buildings including Universities, CATV companies, and Telcos.

Multi Mode

Multimode fiber optic cabling has a large diametral core, allowing several modes of light to propagate. The number of light created as the light passes through the core will increase, allowing more date to pass through. Multimode fiber optic cabling has a high dispersion and attenuation rate. Multimode fiber optic cabling is used for short distances, often for RF broadband signals used by cable companies.

OSP — Outside Plant

OSP cabling combines fiber, copper, and coaxial cable into a single cable product. OSP installations often involved running cables outside the building to areas that are rugged or have a high water density. These special cables are designed to seal out water and protect the cables from damage. OSP applications often use large lengths of cables, which are custom-made for businesses.

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