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Mitel systems are one of the best on the market to increase worker effectiveness and reduce operation exposure and costs. Mitel Connect ONSITE phone systems are designed to provide exceptional user experience. Taking the traditional phone system and enhancing it with features that can be integrated to mobile phones and tablets make Mitel one of the premier phone systems available. Common phone system features include transfer, extension dialing, conference calling, and video calling. The features of the Mitel phone systems will revolutionize the way your employees work and break down communication barriers while improving productivity.

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On Site

When creating the best onsite phone system, Mitel has exceeded expectations. Five 9’s will review your current phone system to determine what the best telephony system is for your business needs. Onsite phone systems provide control and allow you to capitalize your expenses. A number of companies are required to control their own data for security needs, which is why Mitel systems are some of the best on the market as they do provide the security and privacy requirements that are needed.

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Cloud computing is one of the most popular systems and has been incorporated into businesses all over the world. Cloud computing is called “hosting” or “software as a service” and it is one of the best options for phone systems. Cloud applications include VoIP systems and are secured in data centers to allow private connections and keep information safe. Using the right VoIP system will reduce IT headaches and frees up expenses to allow staff to focus on other areas of the organization.

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Businesses are looking for new ways to stay updated with the latest technology. Hybrid technology provides convenience, scalability, and security of  cloud-based applications like email, business process apps, and storage. Virtual phone systems delivered completely via the cloud, like Mitel Connect CLOUD, are growing rapidly year-over-year as businesses recognize the time and money saved when application upgrades, maintenance, and end-user support are handled by the service provider, not by internal IT staff.

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